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How do you successfully combat ice and snow during the winter? That's easy: by using the tools offered here at of course.

We offer you and your business a considerable amount of winter tools that allow you to prevail over the effects of a cold, windy winter. Our Snow and Ice Removal Tools make easy work for you when eliminating ice and snow buildup on porches, walkways, pathways, driveways, and other areas that you are prone to slipping on. Such winter tools include the well-known Weed Torch, Snow Roof Rakes, Earthway 2130 Salt Spreaders, and many more.

We also specialize in carrying a range of Winterization products that are designed to protect your pond from ice formations above the surface, such as Kasco Circulator Ice Preventers and Outdoor Pond Heaters.

When that snowy and cold winter storm moves in from the north, it may be time to use the products offered here at

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Minnsnowta Snow Roof RakeMinnsnowta Snow Roof RakeSnow Roof RakeSnow Roof Rake
  • Razor head is 36" wide, 6" high and made of 3/16" aluminum flat stock
  • Handle is lightweight and aluminum with four 6" snap-connectors
  • 24' overall assembled length
  • 13 lb. weight
  • 16' ultra light aluminum snow roof rake
  • Includes extra 4' extension pole for total reach of 20'
  • Aluminum head is 22" with 5" non-slip vinyl grip and 4 piece snap pin handle
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Our Price: $47.94
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